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The Winter People by Rebekah L. Purdy

4 Stars  - I really enjoyed The Winter People by Rebekah L. Purdy. It is a wonderful young adult story about fantastical beings and a centuries old curse. There is romance but it is subtle and the hero isn’t definitive until near the end. Who Salome ends up with is part of the mystery of the book but I will say that I loved him and he was the one I was rooting for all along. 

The plot is secretive and filled with misdirection. I was frustrated along with Salome at how those around her either couldn’t or wouldn’t give her the answers that she sought. I admit I was tempted to take a peek at the ending to get some answers but I held firm and I’m glad I did. The payoff at the end is worth a bit of frustration. Though now that I know how it ends, I’m tempted to reread it so I can enjoy it from a different perspective.

The Winter People is well written with an intriguing plot and interesting characters. There is magic, mystery, action, danger and a touch of romance. The characters are crafted with emotion and depth and the story kept my interest from beginning to end. I loved the ending. It was intense, emotional and enchanting, the perfect ending to a great novel.

I would recommend The Winter People to fans of the genre.

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