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Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

April 29, 2018


4 Stars - When I read the blurb for this book, I knew I wanted to read it. I love a good older man with younger woman story and this one seemed right up my ally. So, I quickly borrowed it on Kindle Unlimited and began reading. Boy, did Birthday Girl really grab my attention. The writing style kept me completely engrossed. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I will say that it bothered me a little bit that Jordan was in a relationship with Pike’s son, Cole, when she started having feelings for Pike. What salvaged it for me was the fact that she and Cole were drifting apart and didn’t have any sexual contact beyond some kissing after she met Pike.

I really liked both Jordan and Pike. I was rooting for them from the first meeting. Their chemistry was and attraction was undeniable as they both struggled to resist the pull. Pike was a strong and determined hero. He was protective and possessive towards Jordan. Much more than Cole ever was. I was glad when Cole was out of the picture. 

I understood the hesitation that Pike had in giving into his attraction to Jordan. After all, his son had had her first and he didn’t want to irreparably damage his relationship with his son. I liked how Jordan stood up for herself, especially since she had let herself be a pushover in the past. Pike and Jordan’s relationship was choked full of obstacles and challenges. It was sexy and romantic with moments to touch your heart and others to make you laugh. You couldn’t help but feel the connection. Their journey proved to be a true and enduring love story, regardless of the age difference.


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