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4 Stars - Limits by Susie Tate is Pavlos and Millie’s story.  Millie is a woman who suffers from severe social anxiety.  She finds it extremely difficult to interact with others.  To those around her it makes her seem cold and uncaring, spurring the nickname “Nuclear Winter”.  She lives within limits that she has set for herself and believe she can only cope within those limits.  Pavlos is an outgoing, vivacious, larger than life personality that helps bring change into Millie’s constricted world.  With the urging of Pavlos and her new friends, Millie begins to gradually expand her limits.

I really enjoyed Limits.  Millie and Pavlos story was fascinating, charming and endearing.  My heart ached for Millie and the struggles she faced every single day.  I loved seeing her slowly break out of her shell and start interacting with others.  It wasn’t simple by any means and there were some setbacks.  It took effort and patience, for everyone involved.  

Limits touched my heart.  Millie and Pavlos romance was a journey of hope, perseverance and love.  It was a joy to see past characters such as Jamie, Libby, Rosie and Kira. They joined Pavlos in his quest to help Millie and they too became her champions.   

I look forward to more books by Susie Tate.


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