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Close Contact by Lori Foster

January 1, 2018

3 Stars - Close Contact is the third book in the Body Armor series. This one features former MMA fighter Miles Dartman and his heroine Maxi Nevar. Miles and Maxi met in a bar and hooked up 3 times before she disappeared from Miles life, leaving him smarting and a little hurt. They both had felt a connection to the other but Maxi’s life was a mess and she was afraid to trust Miles and drag him into her problems.

It’s not long before Maxi and Miles meet again when she flees to Body Armor, after some scary circumstances, and requests Miles as her body guard. It doesn’t take long for things to heat back up between Miles and Maxi as Miles works to keep her safe while trying to gain her trust and win her heart.

I liked Close Contract. Miles and Maxi were likable characters and the mystery was entertaining. Though, I did figure out who the bad guy was shortly into the book. The cats were a fun aspect to the story and I like seeing Maxi take on the home and legacy of her Grandmother.

All in all, Close Contract was, for me, a good read.


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*ARC (Advanced Review Copy) received from NetGalley.

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